Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Asthma and Heat...

Woke myself up coughing several times in the night, THEN had to get up and pee. Agonising. A dreadful, simmering, soupy night, and this morning, I just couldn't exercise. The lift's broken and all. (It had to happen...)
Congratulations to the England supporters, who must be delerious with hopeful joy. It's been very quiet. though. Everyone's too hot to yell?
Tidied up, and mopped the floor, which makes it feel slightly cooler.
Watched a nifty thriller. based on the Peter Ackroyd novel, THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM, with the lovely Bill Nighy. (I saw him shopping in Forbidden Planet once.)
It feels almost like it's getting even more uncomfortable at night, if possible. Watched a rather tedious biopic, TOM OF FINLAND


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