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Damn! I Wish I Looked Like This...

Visiting Icon of the week is the goddess Annie Lennox. I wanted an insane-looking pic, you know, when she does that starey, sharky smile, but couldn't be arsed to google through about 10 million images, so here's a nice sexy shot.
Fan is sorted; there actually was a twirly-nut Thing mising. I should have got got some kind of compensation, of course, for the excruciating mental torture I endured, but (just my luck!...) I was dealing with such a sweet, good-natured little man, who was working away in a horribly hot department store basement, actually sincerely trying to be helpful to profusely sweating, purple-faced, obesely irate members of the public (and I wasn't the only one. There was a loud pikey woman, whose Dyson had 'blown up' in the scrum as well...)that I hadn't the heart to be difficult. I meekly took my Thing and shuffled off, relieved.
What is the pollen count today, anyway? It's hardly lunchtime, and I've nearly sneezed myself unconscious three times, already. Bloody embarrassing when you get a major fit on the bus...Evidently it was 36 degrees in Serbia, the other day. Mother of God, I would be so dead...

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