Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Usual Drivel...

Nice and breezy/cloudy this morning, so I got my 'workout' done fairly painlessly, but I can feel the icky humidity building. Fap!
I'm beginning to wonder if  THE HANDMAID'S TALE  should have ended with the first series, fairly faithful to the book. It's still OK but doesn't really seem to be going anywhere at this point. Still early days, though.
The all-women-in-jail JULIUS CAESAR was quite interesting. I really liked the woman playing Casca. Was she a pro, or an inmate?  I believe Harriet Walter is Christopher Lee's neice, or something, and I've always thought she rather resembled him; those dark, piercing eyes...She was a good Brutus, anyway.
It seems to be established thanks to Ivy Dennett Thorpe and .cleanskies that my mystery bird is likely a juvenile pied wagtail. In any event, I haven't seen any for a few days. 
Workers from the council are here, replacing the apparently inadequate fire doors. I'm wondering about the windows. They have plastic surrounds and all...They're rubbish, too;  fiddly to open with my arthritic old digits, etc. and they let in the draft.
I've been very sad about the Glasgow School of Art  fire, although I've never even been to Glasgow. This world is such a mess, it often seems that everything  nice is being snatched from us. It was such a lovely Art Nouveau building, and now it's completely frelled. *Sigh*
I'm still reading that JUMPING JACK FLASH book, about  David Litvinoff and other arty weirdos and gangsters of 60's-70's London. Interesting as it is, I find reading a chore nowadays and keep putting books aside 'for later'. Guess my cataracts really do need doing.



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