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Wasted Day...

...Trying to instal new drivers to see if I could make the printer live again...Hours spent just getting more and more fucked up, and the whole system will probably blow up now...It's getting unbearably hot (for me-)so I gave in and put a new fan on the ever-heavier plastic. I can't put it together. There appears to be something missing, which means hobbling back to the shop with it tomorrow, when it will be even hotter. Then I tried to get the Gordian-Knot-type tangles out of my beaded curtains, because they look so crap. Failed. With rue my heart is laden, etc. I am really very, very anguished. Feel like crying, but too tired. Bugger. Saw a set of those Make-A-Poem fridge magnets at the charity shop for £6.That's a lot, but they usually sell for something even more absurd, like £20...needless to say, I had to resist. I've always rather fancied playing around with those, tough.

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