Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Mad Weather As Usual...

Wah! After the wild wind this morning, it went all hot again. There's still some breeze, though, and I'm glad I didn't have to schlep to the High Street in a downpour, in fear of falling trees. It's also good that it cleared up for the Grenfell anniversary ceremonies. I just don't know how those people can bear it, and the fact that a year later, some survivors  haven't even been properly rehoused is infuriating.
I'm enjoying the second series of FLOWERS, a melancholy, weirdass 'sitcom', Veh clever, and the lovely Julian Barratt is in it.
Series 2 of VERSAILLES , on the other hand, is rather dull, apart from the Man in the Iron Mask stuff. The king should start deleriously dancing in his nightgown again.
Physio lady keeps marvelling at my upper bod strength. Strange, I see myself as  a weak and feeble woman with the heart and stomach of a sloth. She taught us a wrist-strengthening exercise today. First time anyone's actually done that since I broke it.
There's been some stuff in the news recently about the  possible benefits  of using LSD to rear depression. I'd love to do LSD again. in a swrious way, with supervision and guidance. Back in the day, we just did it for the craic, and I, for one, got mostly the bad trips I deserved for 'trivialising the profound.'



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