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Il Fait Lourd Aujourd'hui...

OoeyGooey,IckySticky, but not too sunny,at least, so sloped to the West End (forgetting that the BP Portrait award show hasn't started yet...Yes, am senile!) went to Comic Showcase and the art supply shop,( spent £20 so no fan this week-), and then the Photographers' Gallery, where there's a nice little show of the great Walker Evans, including a bunch of Polaroids he did shortly before he died; lovely things. His work has a sweet elegaic quality that can somehow make you feel like crying with a shot of a factory seen from a train, or a street sign with old-fashioned lettering...or is that just me being mental? I really like his portraits of dreamily oblivious people on Subway trains, too. I'd like to see a lot more of them.

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