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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Sleepytime Crone...
I'm always bloody exhausted anyway, but constantly nauseous  as well is just too much. ZzzzUrp!
Nice not-too-hot day, anyway. Got my workout done, and got through the physio class. She worked us pretty hard, though.
As I wandered home via Clapham High Street, I was nearly knocked over by two burly teenagers, bashing each other as they backed out of McDonald's, A small crowd of enthusiastic kids was gathering, but nobody seemed inclined to try and break it up. I certainly wasn't.
Watched a couple of episodes of SIREN about some sort of mermaid, but  don't think it's worth sticking with. I've discovered I can't connect to the BT channel  for some reason, even when I turn NOW off. This is a drag because I wanted to carry on watching THE TERROR which is good. Bum.
Nothing else on TV at the moment, but THE BRIDGE, with the divine Saga, returns tomorrow night. I may have an early night, anyhow, as I'm just soooo knackered and foggy-brained.


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What's with the quease? Has something disagreed with you?

I get weird stomach upsets now and then, since the op, but this is worse and longer than usual, Must see the quack, I guess.

Seriously, R's hardly the one to talk.

Grieving or not, R has richly deserved a sharp setdown for years and it won't do her any harm to hear the truth for once. Perhaps it might make her think about what comes out of her mouth. You never know.

I'm glad you're quackwards bound about your quease. I know the op can cause problems but not constant nausea at this stage, I would have thought. Fingers crossed they can do something to help.

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