Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Another Week Is Passing...

Still cold; funny how I 'feel' it more these days than I once did. Old age, I guess, or having less fatty insulation, but it's quite odd. It doesn't make me like hot weather any better. I'd rather be cold, but it would be better still to be just comfy.
R Next Door has been diverting herself  from her doggy mourning by cooking constantly.Her freezer nwas packed with stuff she never got around to using in the last couple of years when she was tending Lula nonstop. She still doesn't eat, though...
I got to the end of THE CITY & THE CITY. Nope. Me no understando... BABYLON 5 is over, too. I've now seen it all. The last of the full-length  spinoffs is on tonight, and so far, they're not all that.  B5 itself, though, was pretty amazing, especially considering how old it is. There were dud episodes, and various flaws, of course, but on the whole, smashing stuff. I think the characters of Londo and G'Kar are superb, really.
Actually, thinking of it, there are episodes I sort of remember from before that I don't recall seeing this time around, like the deaths of Londo and G'Kar, leading to Vir's becoming emperor, and it seems to me there was an introduction to technomage Galen. Did I make that up? Oh yes, and did David, the son of Sheridan and Delenn ever appear onscreen?  The final spin-off, THE LOST TALES,was much better than the others, BTW
Weather much improved. Trotted out early to vote Labour. Later asked R  Next Door if she was voting, and she said. 'No I cannot be bothered. I yam conservative, but I cannot vote for zese people!' I didn't want to get into a quarrel with her, so I just clammed up. Looks like she's missing her last chance to vote in a UK election. *Sigh*
Have been watching TRUE HORROR, which is just passable.  (Tonight's looks a bit Blair Witchy, and they all seem pretty derivative.)
I hope I can stay awke,as I'm sooo tired after the extra exercising this afternoon.
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