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Grants and Such...

Had an interesting morning in the pleasantly old-fashioned reference library near Clapham Junction. I should take advantage of its mellow atmosphere while I can, it's due to be 'rennovated' very soon. Sigh... I was poring over the Grants and Charitable trusts stuff. There are some fascinating little trusts, worth applying to just out of curiosity... I've always wondered how one qualifies as 'distressed gentlefolk', for instance.( I feel that would be about right, for me...) I've also discovered that I might be able to beg alms off my old employers in a few years, if the company hasn't shut down by then. They keep that Benevolent Fund pretty quiet. Most of the dosh is given to organisations, though, 'individual applicants excluded'. Bastards. I'm not giving up, though. There's gotta be a way to score a measly few hundred.

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