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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Dead Dawg Downer...
Poor Lula finally died. Apparently she went into a coma last night, and R got her to the vet, who put her down. I could see it was really 'it' this time, when she was lying on the lawn yesterday morning, Her eyes were stranglely sunken and she was breathing in weird little puffs, when she breathed at all.
Thank gods she went peacefully, anyway. R Next Door probably won't speak for weeks, now.
I shall miss her very much myself, she was a dim-witted dog, but very affectionate and full of fun, when she was still herself. I'm glad her long, sad decline is over, though.


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That's sad to hear. I think R's attentions would be hard for many of us to bear, but she was clearly devoted to Lula.

True, R was unbelievably dedicated to keeping her alive and comfortable, long past the time when anyone less determined would have let the poor old thing go...but she ended up having quite a few more 'good days' before curtain down.

Well, it's a relief , really, that she's at rest. She was a very old dog, and really was in a dreadful state recently.

A blessed relief for Lula, watch this space re R!

I'll miss Lula too, or at least your drawings of her! I'm relieved that she's not suffering any longer.

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