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Latest Timewastey Thing...

Tell me how crap I am; I love it!
a href="">What do you really think of me?</a>
Of course, most people who see this don't actually know me, I suppose, so it's all quite irrelevant. Duh...
I've just been to the dentist and I'm OK; no hideous torture this time...(The cleaning bit is enough to send me squirming like a worm as I dangle upside down. 'Orrible...) she did point out that my gums are slightly inflamed and sternly admonished me to be sure and floss. (she knows I don't do it - I start out every time with virtuous intentions, but I find it creepy...)
I got my official invitation to be a guest of honour at the GRRR International Comics Festival from the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, Yugoslavia. Arf! Now all I have to do is get a grant or something to pay for my transport, and maybe a stopoff in Budapest. It would be so cool to put a new comic out, too...Oh well, snowball in hell time...
Eh! Dramatisation of CARMILLA starting on R4...

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