Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grey Again...

Another murky yuck day, but dry enough to do my thing in the park, anyway.
Dreamed I was in an area of London I often visit, sort of old Soho/ Covent Garden, near 'the brothel'. There's a street market  where a lot of flamboyant bohemian types hang out and work on art projects, etc. I've been longing to join them, but I'm too shy to make myself known. Finally, an acquaintance takes pity on me, and introduces me, when they're having a big festival. It's a sort of Mardi Gras spectacle with everyone dressing up crazily, mostly in drag. I'm in my usual clothes, and feel I've started out on the wrong foot. Although they tolerate me at first, the bohos soon get fed up with my feebleness. A man who looks like Eddie Izzard, who was been sort of asssigned to supervising me, finally gets sick of the chore, and says to his companions. 'She's not MY cross to bear!'  I'm mortified, and sort of hang around pathetically on the outskirts of the partying, as I've nowhere else to go. I hear 'Eddie' repeat his complaint several times to his chums, who snigger at me.
I've been hugely enjoying TRIAL BY INNOCENCE, It's strange, I don't think I've ever read an Agatha Christie mystery, and certainly never cared much for POIROT and MISS MARPLE stories onscreen, but these  modern adaptations they've been showing the past couple of years are enormous  wicked fun.

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