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Gloomy, Sticky...

Sweating like Tony Blair in the humidity, I got the laundry dealt with.Well done, me! There was a repair man there, pulling one of the manky machines apart, and it was damn busy. There was, of course,the inevitable loathesome toddler doing the running-up-and-down routine. What causes them to shriek like that?
Anyway, all clean,now,and I even walked home, to enjoy the relatively fresh air afer the launderete fug.
Did a bit of drawing.I see my long story is is GIRLY COMIC 3, which I haven't seen yet. I 've had it around a while, that one, as I was kind of worried about invading a dead friend's privacy ...Then I figured, I invade lots of live people's privacy,all the time, and don't worry unduly. I think 'Chris' would probably be amused, anyway.

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