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Not actually raining, yet, but cold and dismal. Forced myself to do my constitutional, and as usual, grim as it was, I feel better for having done it. Me good!
Honey the Dangerous Dog went for a young hoodie in the park. Luckily old Jack, Leyla's human. has a big gruff voice, and can control her, Her actual owner really has no control at all, and shouldn't have dogs, much less a large, neurotic Staffie/Mastiff.
In days gone by, I used to fancy doing the Caminio del Santiago. Now, of course, I'm too stiff and full of owies to do such a thing. I also never realised how  high up a lot of it is, Even in my youth, my height phobia would have scuppered me. I've been watching that BBC2 series with a group of 'celebs' doing part of the trek,though, and it was fairly interesting. I definitely would like to see that  gigantic incense burner in action. It's a wonder it's never killed anyone.
Poor old Lula conked out with pancreatitis again the other day. She's been to the vet and has meds, which make her sleep all the time. It would be a good time for her to slip away peacefully. R Next Door really can't  endure much more, but the last time she was about to put Lula down, she rallied miraculously, so now she doesn't dare do it. I can sort of understand...
The hoover is still frelled. I don't know how I can possibly take it to be serviced on the bus. It's so unwieldy. The place is in a frightful enough state already, and I'm having a problem with Moon constantly getting on the bed at night, and being a hairy allergy bomb...
Watched COSH BOY, another of those riotous 60's B movies, with the  nasty 'little rat'  accidentally shooting a man almost fatally, then his brand-new stepfather leathering him energetically with a belt, as the cops strolled off to nab his accomplice. ('Be back in ten minutes.') It also featured a supposedly 16-year old Joan Collins throwing herself in the river because Cosh Boy got her pregnant, and was then mean to her. She was lucky, though; survived, and had a miscarriage,


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