Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Glum Good Friday...

I thought I'd go to Elephant & Castle, as I said I'd look for this stupid hair colour that R Next Door wants, before I did my exercisin'.
It begain raining hard, and that place is gloomy enough. It was cold, too. I couldn't find the bloody stuff, or anything I was looking for, and the whole business took about three hours, as traffic was bad, and the weather just got worse. It didn't stop until quite late, so no workout. I sort of had double yesterday, though.
I was so chilled that I eventually put the heat on for a while, and luckily Moon was in a lap/shoulder warming mood.
Watched the last  ripsnorting episodes of GOMORRA 3. Now what do I binge on?

Random blast from the Doodlediary past:


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