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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Yah, Yah Industrial Estate...
I'm in the third day of this earworm. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I just can't shake it.
The physio session was much tougher, yesterday. IWe had to lift our arms over our heads for one exercise, and I haven't been able to get my left arm past my shoulder for YEARS. Oucha! I tried, anyway. Three of the other four victims look to be 80-ish, and the youngish one is recovering from a bad back injury, but they all seem to be managing at least as well as I am, if not better...
Yah, yah, Industrial Estate...


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I'd be horrified for your artwork to go to waste. I bid and won one of your sketchbooks at a Caption yonks ago, and now I use it every year to show my students how to tackle a sketchbook.

We have a wonderful special collections library at Middlesex, and I have librarian chums at other university libraries. If you ever wanted to distribute some spare sketchbooks to reside in university libraries to inspire students, let me know. It's quality work!

I'd prefer to pay you if possible, but I've no guarantee they'll bite with anything much. I'll try and have a word with the chief librarian next time I go into the uni and see what she says.

OH golly, that's amazing. I was thinking of trying the Womens'Library or something. Stupidly, though, I just keep putting it off, which is the way peoples; stuff ends up junked, of course.

It would be great to distribute the work across several libraries. University libraries who have art and illustration students could be ideal, we're always trying to pester the students to keep sketchbooks.

I'll ask the librarians at my uni next time I go in, see what they say.

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