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It was good to get outside, even exercise a bit, this morning, although there was still a lot of ice and slippy slush to totter through. Three days banged up alone in the flat is a lot. It drizzled most of the day, and the ground looks nearly clear, now.
As a result of being 'snowbound'. I watched even more bloody TV than usual. I got through series 2 of THE FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES, which was just OK; nothing special.
I caught up with GET OUT, which although it's a very good film, I wouldn't actually put in the 'horror' category, as many critics did' more of a 'psychological thriller'.
In little more than a week, despite trying to restrain myself, I gobbled up both series of the terrific BABYLON BERLIN. I've mentioned how stunning it looks, and the story is totally engrossing, with some intense suspense towards the end. (Actually, I'm not sure what was 'really' happening at the very end...A third series is promised, though.)  The German actors are all fabulous, with  a tiny cameo from the great Udo Samel...and there was BRYAN FERRY. Really great show.
Check it out:



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