Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

On TV...

London Live is showing a 30's odditiy, Boris Karloff  ( Why was he never kighted?) in THE GHOUL. It was considered lost for many years, but looks fantastic in this restored version. It's rubbish, of course, with too much 'comedy' for my taste, but the  spooky atmosphere is good, and it features Ernest Theisinger, Ralph Richardson, and Kathleen Harrison.
Semi-binge on BRITANNIA continues. Again. it's gorgeous visually, and has a fine cast. I'm especially enjoying Zoe Wanamaker as a stroppy tribal queen.   ( "I shit upon the souls of your dead!" ) There's plenty of violence, and a fair dose of wit, but I don't think it's one of the greats-yet.
GOGGLEBOX just doesn't seem the same without Leon and June *Sigh*

I've had since bloody September to see the big Opera show at the V&A, but with one thing and another, and my notion that it ran through next week, I've feckin' missed it! Did anyone else catch it? Comments?

I only managed about 20 minutes in the park yesterday, as the wind and cold were really too much. This morning was a bit better, less blustery.
Afterwards. I walked down to the launderette and back, creeping along pitifully, as even leaning on my trolley, my legs are stiff, painful and weak.


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