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A Bit of Icon Variety...

Bea Lillie is standing in for Norwegian Forest Cat, who is on holiday. I think I should start wearing a fez, actually...
Fookin' hot. I went to the shops before it got too steamy, and stocked up on (MMMmmm...) Vanilla Diet Coke, which Sainsbury's has on offer.
I listened to the Hawksmoor thing, which was very good, but, of course, played down the spooky stuff...
Did another page of comics, just recording my recent dreams, 'cos waking life is too dull and depressing, and I can't think of any good fictional stories. Duh...
There was a programme on Artsworld about people doing the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. I seem to see stuff about it all the time, recently. Actually, I don't suppose I'd manage physically, even if I got the money to try; lots of scary mountainous trekking involved, and I had 19 nervous breakdowns on the Tate Modern escalator...

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