Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

SNAFU'd Again, As Per Usual...

This is genuinely a bit frightening. After going to the surgery to try and sort out my antidepressant prescription, after three weeks of being faffed about. I went to the chemist AGAIN today, only to discover, when I got home, that I'd been given an extra megavitamin-for people-who have had stomach bypasses, instead of the psych stuff. (They have similar names...) How many other people is this happening to? Is it coz I is old, and not worth proper care? etc. etc.  Grunt.
In the meantime, I'm continuing with terrible pain and stiffness. It was never this bad, even when I was much fatter. My joints are just frelled to the max. I'm shivering alla time, too, itching, falling asleep at all hours, then waking up in pools o' drool...
 I am still working out, though, which I hope is keeping it all from getting much worse.
A middleaged woman passed by with her dawg.  and said 'Well done! I wish I could get MY mother to take up that sort of thing.'  (I always envision myself as about 45, and remarks like that, or the dreaded sudden reflection in a shop window, etc just freak me out.
Erica Smith posted the other day, about what rubbish the current R4 Book of the Week, OWL SENSE is, I'd been thinking it might be good, but no, and the woman reading it has got to have one of the most irritating voices in the entire WORD! Makes you want to throw shoes at the radio...

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