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All Clear...

Yup, Wotan's blood test was normal,and he's kept the weight on. Praise the gods. Now with any luck he won't have to be checked for another 3 months...I'd hoped for 6, but I guess at his age, and everything, you can't be too careful.
Wonder if Big Brother is going to be as addictive, this time out? So far, nobody seems paticularly mad or stupid (we're talking Helen/Jade mesmerisingly extreme stupidity, here...) So far, I like Gos and Nush best, and most dislike Anoushka, who keeps thrusting her baps weirdly at all and sundry, hoping to be first BB On Air- Fucking Girl. Actually, she also recently said somehing about how death was a major physical change ,like puberty...She may be in the Jade league, yet...
There's a programme on R4 tomorrow morning at 11:30, any Britfolks who are into Hawksmoor; The Devil's Architect. Yeh!

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