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Carry On Freezing, Etc...

Well, I took my repeat prescriptions to the doctor Monday. expecting they'd have them at the chemists' by Thursday at the latest. Nope. This morning. I queued up with several others, but nobody was on the counter for ten minutes or so... It seems that the prescription arrived yesterday evening, and still needed to be made up. The assistant chemist wasn't on duty, so it was going to take 'quite a while' to  get the stuff ready; 'best come back Monday.' Oh well, lack of my rubbishy  anti-depressants doesn't seem to have sent me into a homicidal/suicidal frenzy yet, so with luck, I'll get through till then...
Had to wait ages then, for the bus from Clapham Junction to Iceland, etc. on the Common. Walking would have been the correct option if it hadn't been drizzing icily by that point. Oh well, at least I'd done my exercisin' before there was any precipitation or anything.
The new Saturday thriller on BBC4 , MODUS, looks pretty good, so far. Still withdrawing from SPIRAL addiction, though.The GUARDIAN columnist Tim Dowling had a piece on the condition, this week. His wife muses at one point, 'Is it wrong that I fancy the old judge?'  Arf. There are quite a few of us! What is it with him, anyway? Rowr!
Went early-ish this morning, to leave some old stuff at the Mind shop. then I collected the laundry. It was already freezing, but I went to the park before it started clouding over. R Next Door turned up with the dogs, to feed the birds. She seemed determined to stay for ages, although she and the dogs were also obviously freezing. THEN she decided  a crow had attacked a pigeon  just as we were leaving the park, and chased after it, frantically.
(wounded pigeon was fairly obviously a crumpled tissue...) She flung herself over the low wall, stumbled about, very lucky not to bite the dust and break something,like me. At last she gave up, but  shuffled along incredibly slowly, while the dogs (and I-) whined and shivered, continuing to feed the damn birds.
Staggered back into the building with her at long last. I should have just left her  to it, but she has trouble hauling the heavy door open while  half-carrying Lula.


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