Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cavemen, Blocked Drains, Etc.

Rather strange, that  rebuilt ancient  Cheddar Man skull on TV t'other day. With the climate as it is, how/why did our ancestors develop that brown/black skin? Interesting, anyway.
I did end up bingeing on that REQUIEM chiller, but it turned out to be pretty uninteresting, in the end. I'd had higher expectations for it. I still think the soundtrack was  nice and eerie, though. That's what made the original EXORCIST and ALIEN films so scary, I reckon, even more than gruesome images.
I'm waiting in for the plumber to clear  out the revolting bathroom sink again. I've lived here for over 30 years, and it's always been like this. Every few months,the pipe clogs up with thick, black mud-or something. It stinks, and has got to be quite unhealthy. WTF? They always say that the whole building would have to be taken apart, all the way down to sort it out.  I have to brush my teeth in the kitchen. Me no like. I've tried all manner of products, etc.
Later: He finally arrived after 3, and sais it would be best to remove the pedastal, but it was stuck on too tight. He just used the super-plunger  thing, and  that was that. I guess I'll have to carry on using the kitchen sink, and call them out again in a couple of months.
I'm feeling quite sick and shivery, now, as well. I'm probably poisoned by some  stinky black mud goo.
I am longing fpr pizza and today is indeed pizza day, in the US anyway, but I ain't got none



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