Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Vet Day...

Last night's  superblueblood Moon was indeed very bright. but when I looked, it wasn't doing the huge.or red,things.
Moon has always had very bad teeth, and cost me hundreds when she first moved in. She hasn't many left, and it looks like two or three of them may have to go, to the tune of £400! (Insurance doesn't pay for teeth, unless the beast is in an accident.) I could have had a short trip to Budapest...Her urine is a little bit worse than last time, too. Bugger. Vibes, please, everyone!
Even though it was pretty cold, I walked her home along the back streets, where it's quiet. She really seems to like that, and , of course, hates the bus...
Luckily that  upset tum attack that hit me last night seems to have passed very quickly. Dunno what that was all about.
Lots of birds frisking about in the park this morning; guess they got the Imbolc 'Spring's coming' buzz. I feel a bit cheated, as it's been such a horrid winter, what with my injuries and the frequent extremely gloomy skies. My favourite season, too. Bah. Oh well. gods preserve us from a very hot, humid summer. I don't know how people have been managing at all in Australia and NZ. Forty degrees! No, not right...
The new bed still feels a bit strange. It makes me a bit sad, like it's admitting I'll never again have another human bean sleeping with me. It certainly makes the room feel a bit bigger  and less cluttered, though.
No damn NOW TV, and the scanner says 'No', too.

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