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Bloody Boring Bank Hoiday...

Of course, I suppose evey day's a holiday for me, in a way, so I don't begrudge...I just feel kinda sad and grumpy. I've been talking to people I used to work with at the theatre. Everyone I used to hang with will be redundant too, in a fortnight. I wonder if I'd stuck it out until now, would I have lots more money? Mind you, the work conditions situation in my particular job got a LOT worse, over that period, so I might have just died there, like my father did at his shitjob, 'of sheer peevishness and discontent'.
Wo, BIG BROTHER is back to amuse us sad obsessive types. Actually, the housemates seem marginally more intelligent than usual this time out.Makes a rather interesting change. I've noticed that there are NO 'older' types, though...32 is the oldest...and he's a dorky Baptist from Orkney. Supposedly they're determined to have an Offical BB Fuck this season.

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