Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Fracture Clinic...

I was up early, fearing the threatened wind and rain, and indeed there was plenty of the former, at first, but by the time I left it was calming down. The 77 was more packed than usual, though. Really grim. THEN two women suddenly started whacking each other furiously with their METROs. Everyone went 'Oi oi oi!', and the driver yelled that they were two adults giving bad example to all the school kids aboard, and refusing to go further until they stopped their yelling and flailing. One combatant gave up and got off. Whew. No idea what it was all about...

The fracture clinic was even more Crimea-esque than usual, perhaps due to people frelled by skiing hols. One poor devil was sat in a wheelchair with BOTH legs in plaster, looking very sad, indeed, as you would.

To my amazement, though, I only had to wait about 90 minutes. The consultant a 'pleasant gentelman', said it was healing well as could be expected, and was pleased with my makeshift physio efforts. Praise the gods. I thanked him effusively for  his help. All the staff was obviously working their brains out, nonstop, and people tend to get cranky with them because they have to wait so long, etc. Not right. Not fair.

Watched a couple of episodes of EXORCIST last night, for want of other amusement, and, as was suggested by some other peeps, it does seem to be improving.

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