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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Cold and breezy, but bright day, quite spirit-lifting. I finally got the maddening parking permit thing sorted, by going to Kennungton Lane with all the ID, etc. Thank the gods for that. It look an absurdly long time, but it's DONE! Yeh.
There was an interesting biog of James Joyce on BBC4 last night. John Huston's film of THE DEAD is so beautiful, I often wonder why it never appears on TV, etc. I saw it in the cinema many years ago and was much moved.
I'm getting back into the swing of exercising in the park, although my arm doesn't work properly. It is much better than it was though... I'm on a waiting list for the physio, which is a drag, but better than not getting any, I guess.
Watched David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY again, and still don't really get it. Definitely not his best, IMO.
Still no sign of R Next Door, and there's been a rubbish bag by her flat for days. She doesn't answer the phone, or notes, and I'd be worried, but she's obviously picking up her post, so she isn't lying dead in there.
Scanner busted again; Bah...

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Good that the bright day made a difference. Do you get seasonal affective disorder? I was wondering if a light box on the National Health might be perkifying.

My SAD is in the summertime. I totally hate hot, very sunny weather. On the other hand, day after day after day of iron grey drizzly skies doesn't really float my boat eaither. Thankfully we're having a couple of bright and breezy days, now.

Yes, can't blame you. Despite originally coming from the UK (I left when very young though) I was shocked when I was back there at how unrelentingly grey winter was. We get a lot of winter days with bright blue sky here in Auckland.

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