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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Old Space Opera...
Have been watching reruns of ancient BABYLON 5s on Pick TV, and although it can be cheesy, on the whole it's pretty deep, especially when you consider it's over 20 years old. I'm actually moved at times...which is more than I can say about the  3-part saga of Lady Jane Grey on BBC4. It's so dull, and those repetitive dramatised bits are pitiful.


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OMG, B5 is 20??? That makes me feel extremely ancient.

I have the first part of the Lady Jane Grey thing, haven't watched it yet but I detest dramatisations so it will be deleted quick smart. Repeated ones are even worse.

Looking forward to seeing Hard Sun. The writer is British but lives in NZ now. I only know him from writing a couple of really bad Dr Who episodes (the moon is an egg) so hopefully he does a better job with Hard Sun.

Neil Cross didn't write that episode of Who. He did the really rather good Hide, and the middling Rings of Akhaten. Haven't tried Hard Sun yet, but hearing a lot of disappointed comments from people. Even Stuart Maconie was mocking the stilted dialogue in the trailer during his radio show this afternoon...

I like it myself, although granted, there's some clunking dialogue. Nice creepy score, though . and the endless miserable weather...

Whoops! You'd think I'd know better given that I have a Doctor Who review site. I really liked Hide as well, although I see I labelled Rings of Akhaten "terminally appalling" so I guess that's where the animus came from. Oh dear, pre-disappointed by Hard Sun now, but I'm still going to give it a go anyway.

We'll give it a go too. I like the premise. On the subject of Akhaten, if I remember correctly, he was commissioned for one (Hide) and it went so well, they asked for another, and a slot opened up more urgently, so it ended up a bit rushed. I haven't rewatched it since broadcast, and really didn't care for the music element of it (not much of a fan of Murray Gold at the best of times), but found otherwise a lot to like about the episode.

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