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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Lying Low...
Damn cough goes on and on; so exhausting... I'm feeling  isolated and gloomy, and still very physically frail. Fap.
I had a bloke come about getting a new, smaller bed the other day, and there was hassle because I didn't have any visitors' parking passes. In order to get them you have to spend ages going to Brixton (you need to make an appointment in advance-) with multiple proof of identity, money, etc., and I just feel so sick, but it must be done, somehow.
I feel incredibly helpless, actually; haven't even felt up to ranting online, much. I'm certainly not to the only one to be feeling ultra-dreadful at present, but having no family, etc., really makes it hit home.
I've been trying to exercise as much as possible, but outdoors is so wet and horrible, I haven't been doing well. The urge to sleep is overwhwlming, all the time...
I've been bingeing on HARD SUN, which is brilliantly horrid  and grim. I suppose it might be suggested that people in my state should watch comedies or 'warm' stuff, but personally, I find that sort of thing  makes me even grumpier and sadder.
It's also good to see that SPIRAL  hasn't yet jumped the shark. I'm ejoying the current series.