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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Not quite so drizzly and windy today, although I'm still cursed with the gusty cough. Instead of Somererset House, I opted for the Serpentine Galleries to have a nice fresh stoll in the park. I totally loved the Rose Wylie show, QUACK QUACK. She's completely new to me, with big, crude, sloppy images of film stars, footballers, etc. I found her goofy animals especially endearing.

BTW, I saw quite a few what I assume were swan/goose hybrids on the river. I didn't realise that they could interbreed; quite pretty,mottled critters.
I returned home via Coffee Lovers, and did some exercise in the park, before flopping out for some streaming and cat therapy.
Watched that Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes film, which was entertaining enough, but I just cannot accept him as Holmes on any level.

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Speaking of exhibitions, your user icon is quite the exhibitionist

I still want to see the 3rd Holmes film.

Yeah, they are good fun, just not my idea of Holmes.

I've always loved Jeremy Brett as Holmes. He's been dead for years, and between Cumbrbatch and Johnny Miller I prefer Miller.

I didn't know they could hybrid, your post made me look them up... a hybrid is called a Swoose!

I was surprised, too. They're nice-looking, with camo-like splodges.

Whoah, I didn't know that either. I thought maybe you'd seen juvenile swans http://www.arkive.org/mute-swan/cygnus-olor/image-A10023.html coming into adult colour, but wow, Swooses

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