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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Frelled Fox...
Oh dear, I encountered a sad-looking fox hobbling on three legs near the low-rises this morning. It stopped to tear into a rubbish sack, and I was able to get surprisingly close. No other humans were about, and I didn't know what to do, so I called the RSPCA, but they won't come unless you have it confined right there. They said to get a broom handle or something. and call them if you could get close with it. Of course, when I got back with said broom, it was gone. I'm a bit worried that some of the feral teens hereabouts will kill it. poor critter.
Saw another outstandingly strange old noir film on Talking Pictures, MINE OWN EXECUTIONER. It was all about a neurotic shrink, a 'lay therapist', trying to help a 'bad schizo'. It was sexist as hell, and generally bizarre, with some cool postwar London footage, and one scene that, if you share my extreme phobia of heights, will send you reeling.
Was just thinking the other day, while watching the just-Damed Darcey Bussell's programme about Fred Astaire, what a peculiuar nose she has; 'Daughter of Tubbs and Edward'...Wonder if she had botched surgery, or was 'born that way'?
Ohhh, SPIRAL is back on BBC4 tonight. Hope it's a good gory case. Looking forward to ogling sexy old Judge Roban again.

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I always think that every time I see Darcy Bussell too. Like a ski jump. Damed eh? That kind of thing always annoys me - what has she done other than take part in a career she wanted and which many people would like but can't do. Whereas grafters like foster parents (just saw a doco about UK adoption) turn kids' lives around on the regular with no recognition. Tchah! And on that suitably surly note, it's turned midnight here so happy new year!

And to you. Praying for a less grim year.

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