Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

More Between-Hols Limbo...

Dammit, more IS carnage in Kabul today. My sister was so crazy about the place when she did her Eastern Journey. It was her favourite spot, I think, and she stopped there for a while. When I've asked her in emails to describe the way it was, though, she's never replied, which I've taken to mean that  she's really upset by the present situation. *Sigh*
I always found LITTLE WOMEN pretty vomitrocious, even when I read the books as a child. Actually, the blanding out of poor Jo still infuriates me. She ends up married to a dowdy, controlling German professor about three times her age, and gives up writing her jolly potboilers because he disapproves. They set up a school together... Poison dwarf Amy snags the jovial Laurie on the rebound, and gets to go junketing around Europe with him. She also gives up her creative aspirations, though, when she decides that if she doesn't have 'real genius' she might as well not bother. Ugh. Must say the current BBC1 adaptation is very well done, though.
Was out and about grocery shopping, in the nice cold, bright weather. Think I may venture into the West End  tomoorow. There are several exhibits I want to catch up on before they close. and  I didn't dare brave any crowds when I was all cocooned in the cast.

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