Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Jolly Grinching

Day spent mostly in front of the TV, eating things I hadn't oughta, and dozing.
I liked the Mark Gatiss documentary on MR James, which I don't remember seeing. but I'd seen all the stories at least once before.
EASTENDERS was suitably lurid and hysterical. Carbon copy of last year's double death? We shall see.
Caught about 15 minutes of the ever-irritating CALL THE MIDWIFE. The last time I saw it, the really ancient nun was evidently totally demented and on the brink of death. She'd run away to hallucinate happily, and croak in her old home. She was found and dragged back to bloody Nonnatus House. Now that was a few year's ago, and she's still feckin' there, alive and wittering.
 Thoroughly enjoyed the camp bitchfest of FEUD: JOAN & BETTE, great performances and very good, nasty fun.

Hope everyone is having a tolerable day, at least.

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