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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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The Usual Waffle...
ropey old twat

Doodlediary: Fooling around with the printer/scanner ; managed to get it going, for the moment. I also found an unfinished sketchbook, and don't know if I've posted this stuff before, or not. Here's a page, anyway.
Sloped to ASDA, where I was given a taste of 'Naked Black Forest Cake'. which has reduced fat, and was actually rather nom-ish. It's superior to the classic version, IMO, as I don't really care much for great lashings of whipped cream.
Drpped in to Coffee Lovers, and that was nice, as I haven't been there much. since my accident.
Saw an excellent psychological spooky film on Film 4; A DARK SONG, about a bereaved woman who employs a grumpy wizard to help her contact her murdered son.It very matter-of factly covers their efforts, banged up in an isolated house, to perform the many required rituals, which are lengthy and mostly unpleasant. It doesn't end well, for at least one of them. I'm surprised that I'd never heard of it, as it's very good.
I've got stomach cramps and nausea,now. WTF? I don't need it...
Got Carrie McNinch's YDGTFH jumbo double issue (44- with SNAKE PIT by 'Ben Snake', whose work I hadn't seen before...diary comics in a style similar to Carrie's, and very good.) Yay.

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Lovely bit of regency doodling!

Snakepit! He's great.
My ex told me that the punk kids in the PNW would all yell "Snakepit!" when there was a lull in the music at shows. We traced it down to a Wailers side from the 60s, "Snake Pit", where they yell that in the breaks. Kids must have been doing that at shows for years.

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