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Talking Pictures ( Freeview 81) is showing an enjoyably dreadful old melodrama, HOUSE OF DARKNESS, featuring a hilariously awful debut performance by Laurence Harvey, as a bad hat.
There was an extremely interesting BBC4 documentary  the other night, on neglected Surrealist Leonora Carrington. I'm quite keen on her work. In Venice, at Peggy Guggenheim's villa, I saw some examples 'in real life', and was much impressed.

Last year, as nothing ever happens any more, that's worth recording, I bought  an ugly A5 diary, in grim maroon, from a Pound Shop. It was been one of the  glummest years of my life. to date.  SO, I've returned to A4, an ALOHA  from ASDA, with pretty Pre-Raphaelite - looking foliage on the covers, in the mad hope of a year more pleasant and interesting.



I'd really like a bit more FUN in my vida loca, before I drop off the twig.

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