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Gloomy Ol' Day...

Realy felt more like sleeping than trekking to the French Institute, which once again took much longer than it should have; no bus for ages, then he went two stops and turned everyone off to wait some more in the rain, etc.
Had a feeling the Womens' Panel was gong to be a cliquey sort of thing, which it was, but interesting. I had never seen the toon superstar POSY in the flesh before, for one thing.The French panelists,Aude Samana and Pauline Martin (so young...) were unknown to me, although their books, for sale in the foyer, looked good. There were a lot of perky young up-and-coming types, still hoping to make a living at it, making their presence felt. (Well, maybe they will...) If you can sell yourself, you have some kind of chance. Me, I've 'grown too old to dream', I think; probably not before time... I briefly saw Paul Gravett, who was due to talk with Boucq,later, andypop, up front,with Woodrow Phoenix, jinty and one or two others who looked familiar, but I couldn't place.
Afterwards, feeling spare, and penniless, due to my poster binge at Tate Modern ysterday, I sloped off and doodled on a bench outside the Natural History Museum. At least it didn't rain for the duration. Went back for the interview with Belgian giant, Hermann. That was very good, too, but alas, no slide show,which I'd rather been anticipating.I'm not nearly as au fait with his work as I 'should' be. It was held in the cinema, where (-guess what-?) , the seats were too small for the likes of me, and after an hour or so, my bum and I had had quite enough.I gave Boucq a miss, and shuffled off home, getting well rained on in the course of the long and weary struggle with public transport.So it goes.

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