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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Yet again I checked in early, and this time, Went to get my X-rays first. The woman twisted my arm so hard, I swear i felt the 'break' moving.
I still ended up sitting for over two hours  before the doctor saw me. Some good-ish news; I'm just on the cusp of osteoporosis, so if they start the treatment soon , it's better than later, I assume. Also, the X-ray shows the healing is somewhat better than last time. It's moved to a better position. Sadly, this means two more weeks in the cast! ...He'd told me they'd take it off, remove the pins, and put a much lighter splint on, today. THEN he saw his 'boss' who said leave the cast a bit longer. He shouldn't have got my hopes up.  WAH!  It's scary how often they seem to  say one thing, then something quite different a moment later. I was handed some man's details, as well, to give to the receptionist to make the next appointment. I think I may have been wise to refuse an immediate second surgery. I don't have much confidence in that clinic. Of course, they're very busy and obviously understaffed, so whaddyagonnado? I had to get a load of blood tests, to finish off, but at least that department wasn't too busy. Got caught in rain and wind on the way home, and all. Guh.

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Overall, not as bad as it could have been! On the cusp is a hell of a lot better than bones crumbling to dust, so yay! Sucks about keeping the cast on, but if it gives you a better result in the end, worth it given you're not having more surgery.

True enuff. Fingers crossed for a bearable outcome.

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