Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


I didn't get up until bloody nine, today. That is really unhealthy.It feels very dank in here, too, although it's not actually cold yet.
Never did get a proper Supermoon view, as per usual. Too overcast
Last week, a poor soul was killed by a bus, just downstairs, complete with sirens, air ambulance, etc, and though up and awake, I never noticed a thing.
I must be in some kind of fugue state most of the time.
A bit worried about my little sister. She had a fall last week, and cracked the back of her head. She already has retina damage. so has to see her eye specialist to be sure everything's OK. Fingers crossed. Old age, feh!
I'm off to the damn clinic again, in the morning. I fear bad news about my crumbly old bones, and I want so much to be freed from this fucking cast, but expect it will be another fortnight. Prayers and vibes for us old ladies, please. and  much nasty Krampustide fun to all,

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