Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Oh, Oh, Osteoporosis...

Another exceptionally long, dreary wait at the Fracture clinic. I was the last to be seen. Anyway, it seems that the bone was very soft, and the fracture collapsed again. Doctor suggested another op straight away to get more wrist mobility and less permanent stffness and pain. I honestly felt I 'd be unlikely to survive, after the agonies I had a fortnight ago, and the awful isolation and incapacity I've had since... If I lived, I'd be totally insane, no shit. Prayers, please, that the resulting chronic owies and impairment will be tolerable. It's the osteoporosis clinic pour moi next week, for the almost inevitable diagnosis, etc, Funny, I'd always believed that fat people 'don't get' osteoporosis. Oh, poor meee...
On the plus side, I can now use my PC again, with a lot of hard work from Bobby of You Me and IT. Recommended by a fellow dog park denizen, they're much cheaper than I'd feared, and excellent.
Had my hair buzzed this morning, and as usual, I look like a Bedlamite, but it feels great. It's also much easier to deal with than attempting proper shampoo and maintenance/ 'styling' in the shower every day with one arm in a feckin' bin liner. The new 'normal' cast and sling are considerable improvements over the horrible 'trauma sling',too. It was like an itchy lead-lined duvet.

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