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Fie! Still Not Magneto...

Which X2 Character Are You?

But I am a rather sexy hunka Alpha Male, instead of a poor old 'incapacity'- claimant biddy. Cool, then.
I've had a horrible afternoon getting lost on the way to Wimbledon (-thanks to the bus driver's instructions-), then having to spring for a bloody taxi at the last minute, etc, etc. Still, it probably made me look good and deranged. I think I convinced the doctor I was a deserving case. He didn't even do any physical examination stuff...or was that because he was just not going to pass me for benefit, no way, and didn't want to waste any more time !?! Cue quiver & quake attack....
Bloody vile day, all around. The busses home took over 90 minutes, and I'm just watching the news now, with terrorist attacks, mass graves, George Bush drivelling incoherent drek, etc. Oh yeah, and the weightist fitness club, too. Curse them...

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