Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Under The Knife...

This is insanity. I struggled on a rush hour bus for the 9:20 appointment, but there was some cockup,and I wasn't seen until after 11:00. THEN they confused me with someone else...Eventually I was told I needed surgery after all as the fractures were moving.There were two trips to X Ray and another cast was put on (including a bit more 'manipulation' (****!!!). There's an off chance of it holding in place. I might be called for surgery tomorrow, though. They said I should be able to go  home afterwards,. I'm so exhausted I can barelyspeak, much less do anything else. I can't say I have much confidence
inthe Fracture clinic at this point. I'm scared.
Collapsed at home and watched a few eps of STRANGER THINGS 2. It's pretty good, but as usual, not so bloomin' magnificent as it's made out.


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