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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Down Went McGinty...(AGAIN!)
Well, I always take great care to avoid stepping into one of the many holes in the dog park lawn, don't I? Not enough today, though... I was in the hospital, mostly waiting and swelling up. for over six hours. I broke my fucking wrist in three places, which will have me in a cast for 6-8 weeks, with a possibility of surgery. Also, I hurt my knee when I fell and am still feeling the effects of the fall on the bus, so am really pretty helpless.I will have to try and find a cleaner, for sure.
Well. thank the gods it wasn't my right wrist. or an ankle, and my specs didn't poke my eye out, I didn't lose any teeth, etc.
I just don't know how I'm gonna cope, though. Must try to get something positive out of it... Was also blessed by being taken home free, in an ambulance. I'd come via bus, to avoid cab fare, which was not much fun.


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Wait whut! That sounds ghastly and painful. Rest up, I hope you're not too sore? Ouch!

Oh, God, poor you. Eight weeks with your wrist in a cast would be a real challenge, even if it's not your dominant hand.

Oh, no, Lee! I'm sorry. Mend fast and well!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, dear God! So sorry to hear this!

I've had a look for resources on finding home care, and came up with this:


You're entitled to a free care needs assessment and the home help they provide would also be free.

Should add that that includes things like cleaning.

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