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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Another One O' Those Days...
destroy planets
D'Oh!  Slopped the dregs of my coffee onto my chair cushion, then forgot all about it, came back later and sat in it...
It's utterly manky out, feels really polluted and uggy warm. Looks like there may be a windy weekend, which is OK by moi, if it freshens things up. It got dry enough to brave the dog park around lunchtime, so I did some 'gentle exercise' down there.
Enjoyed the exotic locations of Sue Perkins' Ganges travelogue. I love watching shows about really faraway places, but I know I couldn't cope with actually going there and have never wanted to. 'Oh my dear, the noise, and the people...'
not to mention the climate.

Doodlediary: Another 60-seconds or less scribble.

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My triple pear tree is the first of my trees to be stripped of leaves, the Saskatoon is hot on its heels for nudity. The rest are clinging to on doggedly!

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