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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Sahara Sky...
Well, there was weather today, all right. Although London isn't expected to suffer the stormy battering that hit Ireland, it was an extremely odd day. It started off dreadfully warm and sticky again, but became blessedly breezy, later. Then, the sky turned yellow with a murky red sun, and it went on to get dark as night in the late afternoon. Another result of Storm Ophelia, evidently, the winds carrying Sahara sand to these parts. Fascinatin'!
Watched an interesting documentary last night following hott tenor Jonas Kaufmann, as he goes about his enviable life. It was followed by his OTELLO, which I've recorded to savour at leisure.
My back's relapsed, after seeming a bit less frelled yesterday. Bum.


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Fingers crossed your back will start going in the right direction again. OMG Jonas Kaufman! Yum! I'll have to go looking for that one plus Otello. I also have the Lucy Worsley in my virtual pile and look forward to studying her eyebrows.

KaufMANN this is. Gome 'em now. PS I think it's a shame you didn't land on someone as they would have cushioned your fall.

THAT is. What's the matter with my fingers today?

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