Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Go 'Way, Summer...

Really don't need this damn sunny, sticky weather. Ugh...
Fingers crossed, my back is slowly coming along. I've cut down on the painkillers, although I still can't bend. or twist my waist without misery.
BBC4 had a couple of BECK mysteries on last night. They were listed as repeats, but I didn't remember them. That distracted me from my despair for a bit.
I've also continued to binge on that AGE OF KINGS box set. God, it's so ancient, but still pretty good. I remember my sister and I lapping it up in our room. I must have been about 13, and hadn't seen much Shakespeare, apart from the ultra-famours ones, and found it pretty thrilling. I became fascinated with the Wars of the Roses, and read a lot of books about that period. It gave me a great feeling of freedom and possibility, too. There was so much intriguing stuff in the world, and I could learn about it, and escape my grim. suburban surroundings. I didn't get far, alas, but my life's been a little more interesting than it was supposed to be.
Also enjoyed the new NIGHTS AT THE OPERA, with Lucy Worsley frinking about in a wide selection of costumes. I don't care much for her current eyebrow shaping, though.


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