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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Well, I've done myself a proper old fart injury. Weary from the sticky warmth, and toting a very large, heavy  bag of laundry, I got to the bus for just a short ride home. I was hobbling down the aisle, trying to avoid people sticking their legs out, etc. when the bus lurched violently, and I felt myself going unstoppably backwards, unable to catch hold of anything. Trying to avoid smashing my head open, I pulled desperately forward, so that I landed WHAM on my bum, and had a sensation of my spine 'splitting in half''. I was able to get to my feet, with several helpers. Someone gave me a seat, and the driver asked if I needed an ambulance. No, but how I wished he'd have driven a bit less roughly. A man helped me get the laundry sack off, and I was able to haul it to the door. Now I'm in a world o' pain, and praying there's no actual damage done.
I dodn't see R Next Door this morning as I was off to the AIDA rehearsal, and now I'm afraid to knock, in case Lula is dead. I just feel I can't stand any more at the moment. It's really shaken me, and the humiliation!
AIDA was excellent, BTW. Phelim McDermott Tom Pye and co. delivered another very striking production, and the cast was super, especially Latonia Moore's aristocratic Aida. The 'Skills Ensemble' provided asome pretty eye-popping acrobatic dancing, too. See it if you can.

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You've probably landed badly and bruised your coccyx. It's a classic injury from falling just as you describe.

It is excruciatingly painful, I've done it twice, usually not serious but maybe ring the NHS helpline if it's not getting better. You can crack your coccyx, but as it's a redundant tailbone, there's not much can be done beyond painkillers and letting it heal in its own time, but do ring to get a professional opinion!

OMG! That kind of thing really shakes you up, quite apart from the pain. Bastard drivers. I'm only glad you managed to avoid a head injury.

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