Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Feeling seedy, as per usual. Funny, it's so difficult to motivate myself to get up at all, but once I've had my wee outdoor workout, I feel much better, for 2-3 hours anyway, until I start flagging again.
The constant barrage of  tragic.disasters doesn't help at all. I suppose everyone is feeling pretty trashed as a result.
I was also thinking about the fact that it's usually poor places that get mashed by storms, earthquakes, etc... A bit scared, too, as New York has  big faultlines through Manhattan, for starters, and California is overdue for another big 'un.
REDDIK and DOCTOR FOSTER are both absurdly OTT and silly, but I'm really enjoying both of them. I've also watched a few episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY 6, which isn't as interesting as some of the others, but I think there are a few twists and turns ahead. Gotta be.
R Next Door told me I shouldn't put too much faith in Moon's blood tests, as Cat's came back fine, as well, two days before she died. Amazy had a good check-up, too, just a few weeks before the end. Come to think of it, my father's annual works health examination was OK just before he died, too... Trust R to engender gloomy thoughts, as if I didn't have enough of 'em.
Why are Boris Johnson's trousers always falling down?


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