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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Feeling quite sick, today; queasy as hell. I fell asleep in the chair this afternoon, drooling all over myself. A lot of people have been coughing and sneezing on me during the week... I'm due for my flu jab Monday, and hope I don't come down with anything before that. I've reasd it might be a nasty strain this year.
Nobody to help with the window yet, either. Bum.
Caught up with STRIKE, after being more taken than I expected with the current story. It's really not at all bad.
I also checked out LIAR on ITV, but so far, it's a bit meh. It might become a bit more interesting as the tale develops, though. As of now RELLICK, its BBC1 competition by the same writing team, is much better.


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(Deleted comment)
Ugh...I seem to be a bit better, thank gods. It never quite developed into full lurgy. I got my flu jab this Am, as a nasty strain is expected this year. Probably a good idea for everyone to get it. Ya never know...

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