Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Me Tired Now...

Still can't close the damned window, and futile efforts have made my arthritic thumbs hurt the more.
After my visit to Coffee Lovers, I did some extra exercise in Larkhall Park, although their equipment isn't much good., then strolled to the High Street by a different route than usual, which seemed to be a longish walk, and it actually felt a bit hot by then. Tidied up a little at home, and now I feel very achy and coming-down-with-something. Not looking forward to the breast scan tomorrow, but you should do these things, and it's not as bad as the bowel business.
I started watching an interesting Channel 5 documentary series last week: SUPERNATURAL NAZIS, but it vanished from the schedules only to turn up this week, in the middle of the night. Must record it. MY fascination with Nazis does NOT, of course, indicate that I like or approve of them, but they were very interesting in their weird madness, especially all the occult stuff.


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