Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Holiday Weekend...

One of the dog park denizens fell and broke her hip the other day. She and R Next Door are on bad terms,so R expressed grim satisfaction. I said I hope she hadn't cursed the woman, as stuff like that comes back on you threefold (I'm always afraid she'll lay one of her whammies on me, when I annoy her.)
She pointed upwards and said 'No, it is He that does it, not me...' She reckons that God punishes all who displease her...!
It's fecking hot, and will be worse tomorrow. Still, it's Bank Holiday, and Notting Hill Carnival, so lots of people will be wanting this sort of weather, and I don't begrudge 'em, much. Personally. my idea of Hell is thousands of sweaty drunk people dancing around the streets under pounding sun.
I was about halfway through THE TRIALS OF RADCLYFFE HALL, but now I can't find it anywhere. I never took it out of the flat, but where the hell did I put it down?  There's a documentary  on BBC4 tonight, about Gluck, yet another wildly eccentric arty lesbian, who globetrotted through the early 20th century on seemingly bottomless coffers. Those gals to fascinate me.
Helen the ex-Girls Aloud member. won CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER despite being outstandingly annoying, at least in the bits I saw. One thing that really strikes me about current reality TV shows is how very tattooed nearly all these kids are; full sleeves, heavily decorated torsos, etc. A surprising number have facial and/or FULL NECK illustrations, too. That is gross, IMO, and where do they get the money?



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